What Types of Projects Do Construction Companies in Baltimore, MD Specialize In?

The best construction companies to work for in Baltimore Maryland are Jensen Hughes Second Chance Homefix Custom Remodeling and more Learn about their specialties here

What Types of Projects Do Construction Companies in Baltimore, MD Specialize In?

The best construction companies to work for in Baltimore, Maryland are Jensen Hughes, Second Chance, Homefix Custom Remodeling, and more. Brett Plano, owner and founder, runs Plano Coudon - a product of a family of engineers responsible for strategic planning for the company's future growth. Joining Brett is Ryan Coudon, chief operating officer and founder of the firm. Ryan is known for being meticulous, encouraging the company's unique culture, and maintaining high standards.

Merritt Construction Services is a commercial construction company serving Baltimore, Maryland, Ashburn, Virginia and beyond. It opened its doors in 1967 and has built structures and infrastructures that go beyond what customers expect. The firm specializes in a wide range of projects, including industrial, office, retail, food and beverage, wellness and sports, healthcare projects and more. For half a century in business, Merritt Construction Services has served 37,000 customers, employed 1,000 employees, and built a project portfolio of more than 19 million square feet in total.

Chesapeake Contracting Group affiliations include ABC, Greater Baltimore, AIA, NAIOP Maryland, and the American Senior Housing Association. Since 1961, Coakley and Williams Construction have built commercial, community, education, hospitality, industrial, interior, life science and multifamily projects servicing Bethesda, Baltimore, Upper Marlboro and Hughesville. For sixty years they have created a legacy through superior craftsmanship and unparalleled customer experience. The firm builds trust with customers, suppliers and partners over the years. Established in 1976 Manekin Construction has built places where people can work, create, learn, manufacture, distribute buy eat and live efficiently.

Since its founding the firm's mission has been to build projects of the highest quality and designed with values that provide long-term value. They specialize in office retail tenant improvement institutional residential medical and warehouse projects. The firm is located in Columbia Maryland and extends its services to the Mid-Atlantic. Get payment terms of up to 120 days with any provider. When it comes to starting a project with the money and the vision it's usually the real estate developer who's responsible.

The developer can be the owner of the property but the owner can also hire a developer for their experience overseeing a project. If the project owner hires a real estate developer the developer is usually at the forefront of the project. They are tasked with hiring several other construction companies including a design firm and a general contractor (GC). For all but the most basic construction projects architecture or design firms will draw up the plans that other construction companies will follow.

They are usually hired by the real estate developer or the project owner. Some of these companies function as design and construction companies which means that they not only create the drawings and plans but also act as general contractors for the project. In this case not only will they review the applications but they will also be responsible for hiring specialized contractors and distributing payments. Check if your company meets the requirements for the 120-day deadlines for the purchase of materials.

For complex commercial public works or civil projects engineering companies will work together with the architectural firm to prepare the plans. Their role is to ensure that designs are safe conform to codes and meet any particular environmental or site consideration. On smaller projects homeowners may not have to look for much more than hiring a general contractor. Also known as prime contractors (since they have the main contract with the owner) they are usually the most visible companies that do actual construction work.

On large projects you can quickly determine who the GC is with the banner that hangs on the fence outside of work. General contractors can enter into a contract with the developer project owner or construction manager. They are tasked with hiring specialized contractors which means that they are also responsible for distributing their pay. The main contract is generally divided into multiple areas of work for specialized contractors who work as subcontractors under an agreement with the general contractor.

On some projects especially when the scope of work is limited to a particular trade homeowners will hire a specialized contractor directly. Tom Scalisi is a writer with more than 15 years of experience in trades who is passionate about educating contractors and specialty contractors on industry best practices. He has seen first-hand how education communication and preparation help construction professionals overcome challenges to build a strong career and a thriving business in the industry. He is a commercial finishing contractor located in Baltimore Maryland serving areas of Maryland Washington DC and Northern Virginia.

Headquartered in Providence Rhode Island Gilbane Building Company is a national family-owned construction and facility management company specializing in general contracting construction management self-employed trades Procore is committed to promoting construction industry by improving lives of people who work in construction boosting technological innovation creating global community of pioneers. While many construction companies own their own machinery many choose to rent necessary equipment rather than own it. The Design Division of Office of Engineering and Construction is responsible for design of Baltimore County's public infrastructure divided into following sections: Vulcan Materials Company is largest producer of construction aggregates in country mainly crushed stone sand gravel major producer other construction materials such as asphalt premixed concrete APi Group combines personalized attention small medium-sized construction companies strength industry leader bring innovation to construction industry.

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