Finding the Best Commercial Construction Companies in Baltimore

Are you looking for reliable commercial construction companies in Baltimore? This article provides an overview of the top construction companies in Baltimore and their specialties.

Finding the Best Commercial Construction Companies in Baltimore

Are you in search of a dependable construction company in Baltimore, MD that specializes in commercial projects? With a long history of construction and a wide range of services, Baltimore is home to some of the best commercial construction companies in the United States. From Turner Construction to Merritt Construction Services, this article will provide an overview of the top construction companies in Baltimore and their specialties.

Turner Construction

is one of the leading general construction companies in the United States. Established in 1902 by Henry Turner, the company is the main operating unit of The Turner Corporation, which is a subsidiary of the German construction group HOCHTIEF. Turner Construction offers construction and project management services for commercial and multifamily buildings, airports and stadiums, as well as for correctional, educational, entertainment and manufacturing facilities.

The company is also a leader in sustainable or environmentally friendly construction practices.S&R Commercial specializes in constructing stores and restaurants in the Mid-Atlantic. This employee-owned company is a key player in the construction of retail stores and also carries out projects such as biotechnological cleanrooms, theme parks, historic restorations, nursing homes, educational facilities, stadiums and corporate headquarters for customers such as AT&T and General Motors. S&R has been providing construction services to national and local landlords and tenants for more than 30 years.STV is an award-winning professional firm that is consistently among the country's top companies in the education, prison system, roads, bridges, railways, and public transportation sectors. Complex projects include the construction of various structural platforms, intricate padded surfaces for floors and walls, custom-made rails, and special finishes.Acropolis Construction was founded by John Diakoulas in Baltimore in 1974. Currently leading the team is construction director Bruno Hanelt, who brings more than a decade of experience managing construction projects, from luxury residential renovations to commercial projects.Merritt Construction Services has been serving Baltimore for more than five decades.

The project won the National Award for Excellence in Construction awarded by the Builders and Contractors Association (ABC) of the Baltimore metropolitan area.It can be difficult to find the best commercial construction company in Baltimore to manage your complex construction project among all the building firms in Baltimore. This list of Baltimore's best commercial contractors includes companies that keep this city's rich history alive and continue to shape it into what it's becoming.

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